Foam Shaping and Modification

Various Foam Densities
used for Motorcycle seats

The secret to foam work lies in knowing how to use the various densities of foam. Closed cell or high-density foam is very uncomfortable, especially for long distances. However, it provides a good support base for many larger riders. Lower densities are what you want for comfort, we like to call them comfort foam, and we use them for finishing your seat. We rarely use memory foam due to its relatively short life expectancy. Over time, it becomes harder in the sun and loses its comfortable support.

Depending on the degree of modifications your seat needs, we can reuse your current seat or build a new foam seat from the seat pan up. If we are reusing your seat, the top layer of the support foam is removed and reshaped if necessary. Then, it is replaced with a layer of the proper density of comfort foam. The density varies from rider to rider.

custom leather motorcycle seat

Modifying Or rebuilding
Your motorcycle seat

Your current seat can be modified in a variety of ways to accommodate your body:

• Narrowing or widening your seat.
• Lowering or raising the seat.
• Placement of the driver’s position moved backward or forwards.

custom motorcycle seat

Specific Seats
For each motorcycle

The other option is to completely rebuild the foam of your seat. In that case, the seat’s core is a higher-density support foam shaped to your needs. Once again, the density of the support foam varies from rider to rider. Then the support foam is covered with a layer of comfort foam.

It’s essential to keep in mind that every type of bike requires a specific kind of seat. Whether your bike is a bar bike, cruiser, long-distance bike, adventure bike, or sport bike Duane has made seats for and ridden them all. Check out our gallery, then reach out to get started on your new custom seat.

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